About Us

Answers for Senior Care is a resource center specializing in care options for seniors in the Greater Denver area. We are grateful to the families in our region who have turned to us as the trusted source for care options, education, advocacy and support. You are most likely searching for answers and wondering where to turn for yourself or someone you love.


Our resource center is located in Aurora, Colorado, and supports a small, personal staff of placement experts and geriatric care managers. We help families by educating and coordinating the necessary resources when transitioning into independent living, assisted living or small care homes become necessary. All facilities are toured and interviewed prior to becoming a part of our referral base. Facility evaluations are obtained from our clients who use our service and these evaluations are kept on file to help us track the care being provided in each setting. We also visit our clients on a regular basis.

When you call Answers for Senior Care our consultants will begin by an initial intake over the phone, which helps us to understand your situation and begin putting together appropriate resources for you. You can also start this process by submitting an inquiry through our website. An appointment may be scheduled at a convenient location, hospital or skilled nursing environment. We want to meet you where it’s easy for you.

The last thing we want our clients to have is a long list of options, which can be overwhelming. We customize the options given…to simplify your journey and will educate you every step of the way. It is our job to help you find the best match for you or your loved one based on care needs, location and budget.

Our services are available 24/7 and we offer ongoing support before and after a move.

Be prepared…don’t wait for the crisis to educate yourself on your options. Knowledge is Power.

Another advantage for you is… there is no charge for our services. We have no vested interest in any facilities and work with many facilities in Denver.

Please take the time to browse through our website. We look forward to hearing from you!

Answers for Senior Care provides geriatric care placement/referral and consulting services for a fee. Our placement/referral and consulting services are free to participating seniors and the senior’s family as Answers for Senior Care is typically remunerated by facilities in the community. Facility referrals are given solely for information and resource purposes. Information about any particular facility is received by Answers for Senior Care from that facility and as such, may not be current, accurate, or complete and Answers for Senior Care does not warrant or guarantee such accuracy. SENIORS AND THEIR FAMILIES ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR INDEPENDENTLY VERIFYING ALL INFORMATION REGARDING A FACILITY BEFORE RELYING ON THAT INFORMATION IN ANY MANNER. Answers for Senior Care does not endorse or recommend any facility and has no financial interest therein.