Often families live their lives in the day-to-day hustle and bustle and don’t think about what will happen in the future as parents and grandparents age. We work with families who find themselves facing aging challenges and who want the best care possible for their family members. We also work with families before they are at the point of needing emergent assistance.

Not only do we bring our professional expertise of decades of service to the Denver community, our certifications, and our ongoing education to the table when we work with you but we also bring the compassion, caring, and kindness that is involved in taking care of an aging person. This is because we have also cared extensively for our aging parents. It is a stressful and often overwhelming task to be a family caregiver and we know that.

If you are facing the stress and challenges of being a caregiver, your loved one is dealing with care issues, and you are unsure of the best way to approach solutions then we can help you! We meet with aging clients and their involved family members to review the current care situation and to provide a plan to meet the needs of all involved. The options are limitless but a few ways that we help are:

  • Provide guidance for ongoing medical care needs.
  • Assist with memory loss and dementia symptoms and diagnoses.
  • Review home safety and the environment to make recommendations.
  • Work with challenging family dynamics to advocate for the needs of our aging client.
  • Help with living decisions, assist with finding appropriate housing as needed, coordinate moves.
  • Advocate and communicate with physicians, caregivers, discharge planners, etc. to keep everyone in the loop.
  • Find the right service providers for special care needs.

There is no question too large or too small to ask us about. We are happy to share our expertise and guidance with your family. Please reach out today to start the conversation if you are facing caregiving challenges. Our phone number is 303-799-1313 and our email is Phil.Hotaling@AnswersForSeniorCare.com.