Choosing an assisted living facility is a significant decision for both the family and the senior who will be moving in. With so many variables to consider, it’s crucial to ensure that the new resident’s medical condition is assessed thoroughly before they move in. Assisted living providers have a responsibility to identify any medical issues that need to be addressed and ensure their facility can meet the resident’s needs. Let’s explore why it’s essential for assisted living providers to evaluate a resident’s medical condition before move-in.

Determine the Care Management Plan
Assisted living facilities usually provide varying degrees of care management depending on the resident’s needs. It’s vital to assess the medical condition of a new resident to determine the correct care plan that will fulfill their needs. Knowing the new resident’s diagnoses, medications, or needed treatments allows the assisted living facility to create a tailored care plan to ensure that the new resident remains healthy.

Ensure the Right Infrastructure Is in Place
Assisted living facilities can vary significantly in terms of their infrastructure and capabilities. An assessment of the medical condition of a new resident will enable an assisted living provider to make any necessary changes to the client’s room if required. These changes will help make the new resident’s move-in experience more comfortable and feel welcome as their needs are accommodated.

Ensure Adequate Staffing
Knowing the medical condition of a new resident allows an assisted living facility to establish adequate staffing to meet their needs. The evaluation will give the provider an insight into any required medical assistance, which may call for a certified nursing assistant, nurse, or physician to be easily available. Having enough trained and qualified staff means the resident will receive the level of care that they need, which improves their overall quality of life.

Ensure Peace of Mind for Families
Assessing a new resident’s medical condition will provide comfort to the family, knowing that the assisted living provider has a clear understanding of their loved one’s needs and has established an appropriate care management plan. Knowing that the facility has taken relevant steps to ensure that their loved one receives the best possible care can significantly help improve a family’s peace of mind.

Be prepared that the assisted living facility may decide to decline your loved one if they do not feel that the medical needs of your loved one can be managed by their facility. Getting this assessment done early in the process will help avoid being caught unaware if admittance is not accepted.