When an elderly loved one moves into an assisted living facility, it can be nerve-wracking for both the senior and the family. It’s important to know that the staff members who are looking after your loved one are trustworthy and qualified to provide the best care. That is why it is important to get to know the staff and have their contact information.

Building Trust
One of the essential benefits of getting to know the assisted living staff is that it helps build trust. As family members, we want to know that our loved ones are in caring and safe hands. By meeting and getting to know the staff and learning about their background and qualifications, we can trust that they are professionals who are capable of providing the care that our elderly loved ones deserve. This trust helps put both family members and seniors at ease and can help alleviate any worries related to the quality of care provided. The mutual trust encourages staff to treat your loved one well.

Having the contact information of the assisted living staff is essential, especially in emergency situations. When family members have access to the contact information, they can communicate with the staff easily and get daily updates on how their loved ones are doing. For example, if there is a need to cancel a visit or reschedule a doctor’s appointment, they can quickly notify the assisted living staff without delay. If there is an emergency, like the recent COVID pandemic then having the contact information helps reach staff inside the building to communicate about care.

Improved Communication
Knowing the staff and their roles can help families and senior residents communicate more effectively. When family members and seniors meet the staff, they can discuss any concerns and communicate their needs clearly. For example, if an elderly resident has dietary restrictions, they can openly discuss concerns with staff both direct care providers and kitchen staff if needed. This helps the staff provide tailored care and services for the residents based on their needs. A more efficient and open channel of communication can help make the resident’s stay more comfortable.

Understanding the Facility
Knowing the assisted living staff also means learning more about the facility, its services, and amenities. When family members have contact with the staff, they can learn more about the different programs and activities the facility offers, which can help seniors stay engaged in their community. They can easily ask questions when they’re visiting. It also provides an opportunity to learn about the facility’s policies and procedures on their loved one’s care, giving them peace of mind.