Placement Services

Using personalized and proprietary guidance processes to find the best senior living and care options for families and their aging loved ones.

Placement Services

Using personalized and proprietary guidance processes to find the best senior living and care options for families and their aging loved ones.

Local Community Advisors Stand Ready to Help You Understand Housing Options

Our experienced advisors are local to the Denver community and have built in depth knowledge of local elder care service and housing providers. With a proprietary process of determining the best fit for each family, we partner with you to make sure that your unique needs and requests are being met with our recommendations. Our clients are empowered with the tools needed to make the best care and housing decisions.

Our services are provided free of charge to families as our fees are compensated by the selected living facility the family selects.

Types of housing recommendations we provide:

  • In-Home Care
  • Independent Living
  • Communities
  • Assisted Living
  • Personal Care & Boarding Homes
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Palliative Care/Hospice

What sets us apart:

Our Owner, Phil Hotaling, and our placement staff have raised families, and built their lives in the Denver community. We focus on holistic solutions. It’s not just a phone call where you answer some questions and the person on the other side of the phone sends you a list to check out. Instead, we integrate care management consultation so that your needs are fully determined and our answers are focused on quality care.

What you can expect from our professional process:

  • The process starts with meeting the client and involved family members. This can be done via Zoom, conference call, or in-person. 
  • Learn about the client’s needs for current care and future planning for changing care needs with in depth care management involvement.  Example: Having in-home care services may be better for the client with assisted living being a future consideration.
  • Use our proprietary methods, which include considering budget, location, and care needs, to determine the best care options for the client.
  • Accompany on tours of selected living options with those who are able to do so, considering mobility and cognitive abilities. Happy to go with family members of clients who are unable to tour.
  • Review the likes and dislikes after the visits to help narrow the choices. No place will be perfect but the goal is to determine the pros and cons. Example: client wants pool for therapy but family says client hasn’t been able to enter a pool for 2 years.
  • Fit is the focus. Either the best option is selected or the search is expanded. No client is ever pressured to move!
  • Knowledge of the community and the current care situation there helps guide the family in decision making.
  • After the move, we continue staying in contact with the client and family as requested and many families utilize our care management services to make sure quality care continues.

Professional Memberships

Phil is a member of the National Placement & Referral Alliance (NPRA) and he is a Board Member of the Colorado Chapter of the NPRA (CoPRA). As a member, Phil upholds the quality standards and code of ethics as agreed upon by his membership.

When you need peace of mind about where your loved one will be living and how they will be cared for, please reach out via phone at (303) 799-1313 or via e-mail at

Phil Hotaling
Owner/Family Consultant
Phone: 303-799-1313
Cell: 303-596-9422